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Raising Capital

Raising finance can be difficult in the current climate as there is huge emphasis on the transformation of the economy and the finance institutions are faced with hundreds of funding applications from aspirant investors and business owners. This is over and above the demand for finance from established businesses.

Despite the need to transform the economy, for entrants into the business world, the financial institutions still require assurance that the business is, firstly, worth the purchase price and, secondly, will generate sufficient returns for the owner to service the loan obligations. For existing businesses, the financial institutions similarly require a solid business case before they approve any loans.

We are able to assist in compiling a professional funding application pack that includes a business plan and a financial pack of historical and forecasted information.

New businesses, attracting strategic partners, etc.

The same principles apply for investors, potential buyers of the business, strategic partners in new ventures, joint venture initiatives etc. All of these parties will require a realistic, accurate, well presented and compiled business plan

Indicative Business Plan Fees

It is difficult to have fixed fees for business plans as each plan is different in terms of the target audience, the purpose of the business plan, whether it is an existing business or a start-up, the availability of data, the complexity involved etc.

It is for this reason that indicative fee ranges are given to assist clients in making their decision of whether to proceed with a business plan or not.

  • ­Start-ups refer to the set-up of new businesses in established business sectors e.g. a new restaurant.
  • New innovative business start-ups refer to business start-ups that are unique in that they involve new business concepts, new disruptive technologies, etc. “
business plans
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