Exclusive Business Advisory Firm

We focus on the medium to large SMEs and provide professional support at a fraction of the cost of an in-house resource or the use of a big consultancy firm.

What do we do?

We are an exclusive boutique business advisory firm focused on profitability and business growth for medium sized enterprises. We provide a personalised service to ambitious business owners who wish to grow their profits and business and personal wealth in a controlled and sustainable manner.

Business Plans

Business plans are required for many reasons, we meet all the requirements for banks, lessors, immigration visas, retail landlords, business owners etc. and cater for 3 to 5 year financial plans.

Short Term Business Planning and Financial Forecasting

A company needs a plan to know where it is going and, to succeed, it must regularly measure its progress against its goals, objectives and critical success factors. We can assist

Business Owner Decision and Problem-Solving Support

Business owners are constantly faced with tough decisions or difficult challenges that need high level financial or analytic support based on decades of business experience e.g. cash flow pressures. We can assist.

Preparing your Business for Sale with an Exit Strategy

We will devise an exit strategy that will ensure that the selling price of your business is maximised and the lead time on selling your business is minimised.

Business Valuations

The purpose of a SME valuation is to arrive at a realistic value that will, firstly, satisfy the owner and, secondly, catch the attention of a prospective buyer.

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